PROVENCE PAYS D’ARLES is Provence! The most beautiful stories from its past were written here! Its figureheads lived here! Its symbolic landscapes are most beautifully represented here! Its traditions shine with unrivalled intensity! Its colourful, delicious and joyous cuisine is prepared every day thanks to its exceptional soil!

The heart of Provence beats in Provence Pays d'Arles! Here, Provençal traditions shine out as brightly as ever. The lives of the towns and villages are punctuated by these festive and colourful events. The courses camarguaises bring the arenas to life from March to October. The traditional costumes of the Arles women are resplendent during these great occasions. The carreto ramado travel through the villages in spectacular processions. The culture of this region is so rich that Frédéric Mistral, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1904, dedicated an entire museum to it, the Arlaten Museum! Faithful to this heritage, all those who carry 'the passion' inside them are eager to share it with you!

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