Scènes costumées au Moulin de Daudet

Scènes costumées au Moulin de Daudet

Provence Pays d'Arles
The history of Provence Pays d'Arles is closely linked to that of Provence and its founding fathers, including Frédéric Mistral, Folco de Baroncelli and Léo Lelée. Here, the residents are the keepers of unique Provençal traditions.

This is not folklore, this is real. In high season, but also in winter, away from prying eyes, amongst ourselves, we beat to the rhythm of the horse-drawn carriages, the courses camarguaises, the Provençal language and the costumes and Provençal imagery conveyed by our region's great painters and writers. These traditions often stop at the boundaries of Pays d'Arles. You can immerse yourself in the heart of Provence in the villages of PROVENCE PAYS d'ARLES, which are open to visitors from all over the world.



  • Danse traditionnelle en costume de Mireille

    Provençal Festivals and Traditions

    The heart of Provence beats in Provence Pays d'Arles! Here, Provençal traditions shine out as brightly as ever. The lives of the towns and villages are punctuated by these festive and colourful events. The courses camarguaises bring the arenas to life from March to October. The traditional costumes of the Arles women are resplendent during these great occasions. The carreto ramado travel through the villages in spectacular processions.
  • Bulls and courses camarguaises

    The 'biòu' (bull) occupies hearts and minds. The Camargue bull and the traditions created around it are highly characteristic of PROVENCE PAYS D’ARLES. The courses camarguaises bring more than 17,000 fans together every weekend in the region's arenas. All the festivals include the traditional abrivado and bandido, when brave young people dare to challenge the wild bulls as they pass through the towns and villages escorted by herdsmen on horseback. Here you will discover the 'fé di biou', the passion for bulls!
  • Christmas in Provence

    According to legend, one of the Wise Men, Balthazar, founded the town of Les Baux-de-Provence on his way to Bethlehem, guided by the star. The symbol of the village, the sixteen-ray star of the Lords of Les Baux, still provides proof of this. Christmas traditions in PROVENCE PAYS D’ARLES have retained an unrivalled authenticity and vigour. The Provence nativity scene and santons (ornamental figures), the Christmas Eve meal, Midnight Mass, the Pastrage ceremony and the thirteen desserts are traditions still followed by many families.
  • Promenade à cheval en Camargue

    Man and Horse: a Provençal Passion

    Together with the bull, the horse is undoubtedly the other great passion of the residents of PROVENCE PAYS D’ARLES. The Camargue horse, a small white, hardy and valiant mount, is king of the Rhône Delta. Between the Durance and the Alpilles, the draft horses which were previously used for agricultural work are now bred to take part in the carreto ramado. The horse occupies space, time and minds, and there is no festival without horse-riders, no town or village without an equestrian centre, no road without a breeding farm and, when spring arrives, no week without an equestrian event.