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Maison du Lézard

Avenue, Lamartine,
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The Maison du Lézard was built in the 17th century and was inhabited by Frédéric Mistral and his mother from 1855 (on the death of his father) to 1876, when Frédéric Mistral got married.
It is a beautiful manor house with a Virgin in a corner niche and a sundial that Mistral installed in 1903:
'Gai lezert, bèu toun soulèu
l’ouro passo que trop lèu
e deman ploura belèu' 'Gay lizard, drink in the sun
time passes too quickly
and tomorrow it may rain'. This building has been listed as a national Historic Monument since 31 July 1930.
Jeanne de Flandreysy bought the Maison du Lézard in 1957 and donated it to Maillane Town Hall.
On the western side of the façade is a plaque installed by the Jeanne de Flandreysy Association:
'A la memóri unenco de Frederi Mistral et de sa maire tant amado, Adelaido. Enremembranço dis an benesi ounte lou pouèto compligue Mirèio, oubrajé Calendau, Lis Isclo d’Or e Lou Tresor dóu Felibrige, festejant d’illustris ami e plourant Lamartine après soun paire. Aquesto lauso avèn dreissa contro l’oustau que lis acaté tóuti dous de 1855 à 1876'. 'In memory of Frédéric Mistral and his much-loved aunt, Adélaïde. In remembrance of the blessed years when the poet completed 'Mireio', composed 'Calendau', 'Lis Isclo d’Or' and 'Lou Tresor dóu Felibrige', welcoming illustrious friends and mourning Lamartine after his father.' This plaque was placed on the house which housed them both from 1855 to 1876. It is now the municipal library, the tourist office and the Mistralian research centre.

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