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The Jules Mausoleum: this funeral monument dates back to 30-20 BC. It was erected by the Julii, descendants of one of the major Roman families, in honour of their father and grandfather. It is particularly well preserved and owes its fame to its distinctive structure, which is unique to Roman architecture as we know it today. A a rectangular base with four magnificently sculpted fasciae is surmounted by a double-entry triumphal arch, on top of which is a small round temple with columns and a pyramidal roof; this temple houses the effigies of the two people to whom this exceptional monument is dedicated.
The Triumphal Arch dates from 20 AD but most of its upper part has disappeared. It was restored in the 18th century, when its roof was replaced with slate stone. It is adorned with beautiful reliefs illustrating Caesar's conquest of the Gauls. However, the fruit and foliage, symbols of abundance, suggest the benefits of pax romana.

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