Hometo doLa Crau-Pole (équipement sportif polyvalent)

La Crau-Pole (équipement sportif polyvalent)

Av Maréchal de Lattre de Ta,
Saint Rémy de Provence
04 90 92 08 10
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The equipment is built around a pathway that resembles as a real street, giving the site an urban character.  This backbone of the project, aligned along the climbing wall, separates and connects its various elements.
A street-ball court is located on the concrete of a tank on the site.  A 2.50 m high wall between the skate park and the stadium will be used as a graphic expression wall. A building housing toilets and an association hall is located at the entrance of the complex.  To double the floor space, the roof of the building is accessible to the public via a green ramp.  From this viewpoint, which judges will occupy during competitions, the view of the skate park is optimal.
The skate park harmoniously uses the topography of this landscaped setting.  Materialised into a real 1,070m2 mineral sheet, its surface is constrained by ground movement. By building the different parts elements around a central plantation, the focus was on the fluidity of transition from one area to another, while providing safe use.  This provision will enable the three disciplines to find original and varied practices.
A "street" part is located at the entrance to the skate park denoted by steps, walls and railings. Two pits then offer configurations called “ditches” (water retention basins). At the bottom, a "bowl" (curve) is directly inspired by empty Californian swimming pools, which are at the origin of skateboarding in the 1960s.
This place will be the meeting point between different alternative sports where users find tailored, user-friendly structures, which also attractive for the experts.

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