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Hôtel Particulier de Laudun

Square, Branly,
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This mansion could in fact be called Clémens, as it is to François de Clémens that it owes its rich 17th century architecture.
The mansion is attractive, comprising a 15th century building renovated in the 17th century; it is one of the most beautiful mansions in the region of the château, combining the ideal Classicism of the Renaissance, a range of details, layout, structures and refined décor. It has four inner courtyards.
The inspiration for its façade is clearly Renaissance. However, it still retains some elements from the time of its construction, in the 15th century, particularly a cross-vaulted kitchen with a monumental fireplace.
In the main courtyard, behind the main door, it is possible to see the mullioned windows framed by pilasters and adorned with different motifs representing the four seasons.
In September 1632, this sumptuous residence was the temporary home of Cardinal de Richelieu, who had come to supervise the demolition of the Château de Beaucaire.
It was listed as a national Historic Monument in 1941, but was badly damaged during the bombings of August 1944; it has since been restored many times.

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