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Hotel Grille

14, Street, De Grille,
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Date: 1691
Era: Classical period
Type: Private domestic architecture
Status: Private property, partially listed as a regional Historic Monument (1946)
Commissioned by: François de Grille d'Estoublon
The Hôtel de Grille, on the boundary of the districts of La Cavalerie and La Cité, is one of the most beautiful in town.
It was built by a particularly enterprising family of Genoan origin which made its fortune through trade.
A number of family members often occupied the highest functions in the local and regional authorities.
It was built at the end of the 17th century and is one of the most representative mansions of great Classical Louis XIV architecture.
The noble families of Arles greatly extended their properties during this period, thanks to the sale of communal assets by the Town, which had serious debts.
They therefore built or rebuilt their sumptuous homes. The building's southern façade, which is the most visible, dates from the following century.
A few years ago, the Hôtel de Grille underwent particularly successful restoration work which further increased its standing within the district's urban fabric.
Central body of the eastern façade
The narrowness of the street means that the monumental nature of the building's main façade cannot be fully appreciated.
The building has three storeys and its central body is beautifully decorated.
The window in the middle of the upper floor, above a beautiful classical doorway, is framed by two double columns.
These columns support a large mullioned cornice (small consoles with double scrolls), which separates the first two floors.
In the central part of the top floor, pilasters support and elegant fronton. This décor is heavily inspired by the architecture of Versailles and by the recently constructed hôtel de ville.
On the south side, the façade, terrace and salons around it date from the 18th century.
The interior still has its large, late 17th century staircase. The roof is bordered by a flame-vase finial.

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