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This Neo-Classical style building was built in 1862 in accordance with the plans of a St Rémy architect called Mr. Girard.
In the wedding hall, visitors can admire a vast canvas by the Provençal painter and writer Valère Bernard, portraying a Farandole dance performed by life-sized characters. It was created in 1896 as a commission from Mistral, who bought it for one thousand gold Francs and offered it to the commune.
The Farandole is a traditional dance and a symbol of the popular culture so dear to Mistral. The dance became popular in the villages following the demobilisation of 1870; at that time the army's recruits included dance masters, who trained the young conscripts in classical dance.
Valère Bernard, an influential and popular artist in his day, wrote the majority of his work in Occitan; for a time, he was in charge of the Capoulié du Félibrige, i.e. President of the Félibrige Association founded by Mistral.
Architectural description
Majestic Neo-Classical style building. The main façade has three round arch openings at each level; those on the first floor have ornamental metal fanlights. The whole façade is surmounted by a triangular fronton featuring acroteria. The corners of the building are adorned with pilasters decorated with Corinthian capitals. The central part of the façade projects slightly from the rest and appears to be an independent element, like a second façade superimposed on the first. The first floor features a baluster balcony, resting on corbels decorated with sculpted lion heads. This central section is crowned by a curved pediment sculpted with rural scenes and municipal coats of arms. This second fronton sits within the first triangular fronton. These three different depths (wall, projecting central section - balcony/front steps) and the superposition of the different features throw the building into relief, provide an impression of depth and give it an imposing appearance. The façade facing the Place de l'Eglise is also fairly elaborate, featuring a triangular fronton with sculpted acroteria, finials and corner pilasters.

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