Hometo doHiking : Discovering the Vaccarès pond

Hiking : Discovering the Vaccarès pond

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through the National Wildlife Pond of Vaccarès. Largest pond of Camargue with an area of ​​6500ha and a length of around 12km, this place has become a sanctuary for many species and is an unavoidable  venue for ornithologist around the world. With a depth not exceeding 2m, it is worth for the observation of the emblematic flamingo. Thanks to its natural park and reserve status, the site is now one of the wildest and most unspoilt in France. You can complete this trip with the visit of the Museum of Camargue, located in an old barn  , where history and culture of the Rhone delta stands alongside the contemporary work of Tadashi Kawamata.


Along the way :

The Vaccarès, from the Latin « vaccarum regio » (cattle country), is a vast expanse of salty water that covers 6,600 hectares (approximately 12 km x 7 km), one third of all the land covered by Camargue ponds. It is 1.5 meters deep, the deepest of all the Camargue ponds.

  • The Camargue National Preserve

The Camargue National Preserve was created in 1927 by the French National Society for Nature Protection, in order to protect plant and animal species. The Preserve covers 13,117 ha, of which a large part is occupied by the Vaccarès Pond. La Capelière is a tourist information center managed by the National Preserve. You will find there discovery trails, exhibitions, documents.

  • The "sansouire" (saltwort plains)

The “sansouire” is a stretch of salty land where only saltwort grows. The ground is often flooded during wet periods and cracked and covered with salt during dry periods.

Don't miss :

- The Vaccarès Pond
- Pink flamingos
- Mas de Chassagne (Jalabert ranch or “manade”)
- Tour d’Amphoux (tower)

Consult and download the hiking brochure "discovering the Vaccarès pond"

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How to get there ?

Arles: Start from the Tourist Information Center, Boulevard des Lices.



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