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Hiking : Bulls and vineyards

Arles Tourism Office - Boulevard des Lices
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Submitted to the environment in which it lives, the Camargue bull forms herds called "Manades" where the majority of species involves on inauspicious culture drylands. Easily recognizable by their horns standing right up to heaven, drawing a perfect lyre for females, you will have the opportunity to meet this iconic symbol of the Camargue races on the many stages of this thematic circuit. You can also experiment  local gastronomy directly to the AOC bull meat sellers  and can appreciate the uniqueness of the wine of the Camargue on the many wineries in the country.

On the road:

  • Camargue bulls

The Camargue bull differs from the Spanish bull by its lyre-shaped horns. It is raised to be used in bull games known as “course camarguaise”, whereas its Spanish counterpart is raised for bullfights.

  • The Santiago-de-Compostela pilgrimage route

The Santiago-de-Compostela pilgrimage route is a reminder of the apostle James who lived during Biblical times and is supposed to have been beheaded around 41-44 AD. His tomb was discovered during the reign of Charlemagne and Alphonse II the Chaste (759-842). This route attracts numerous pilgrims. The “Via Tolosana” that starts in Arles is one of four routes through France to James’ tomb.

  • Vineyards

Today there are about 1000 ha of vineyards in and around Arles. Twenty-five grape-growers have founded an association. They grow traditional varieties (grenache, syrah, cinsault and carignan) as well as more noble grapevines (chardonnay, sauvignon, merlot, cabernet, caladoc, marselan...) Some vineyards have developed organic or rational agriculture. Searching for better quality and new varieties has led to a wide range of quality wines of the three different colors : red, white and rosé. The brand name “produced by the Camargue regional nature park” is used by Camargue wine-producers who respect the specificities of this fragile land and its important environmental challenges.

Don't miss :

- Mas des Bernacles (Mailhan manade or ranch)
- Saliérène Ranch (Manade)
- Mas du Rey (wine produced in Arles)

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How to get here ?
Arles : Start at the Arles Tourism Office, Boulevard des Lices


- Heavy automobile traffic on certain roads
- Bike portage on the Saint-Gilles foot bridges

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