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Orgon is a town of 3010 people in the Bouches du Rhone, located in the Parc natural Regional des Alpilles, 15 kilometres from Saint-Rémy, 25 km from Avignon and 6 km from the Parc Naturel Regional Luberon. This typically Provençal village, dominated by the chapel Notre Dame de Beauregard and the ruins of the ancient fortress of the Duc de Guise, is rich of an illustrious past. Archaeological, geological and paleontological past prestigious: Orgon is a Mecca of geology and Provençal paleontology concealing an internationally recognized stratotype. The study of the thick layers of limestone exposed fossil individuals and features, is at the origin of the definition of the Urgonian (from the latin name of Orgon) floor by one of the founders of paleontology, a. d'Orbigny in 1850. Archaeological excavations have updated a dolmen, steles, campaniform huts, they attest to human presence since earliest times.A cultural and historical journey: this cultural and historical journey begins in the heart of the village passing under the door the Hortet medieval, well preserved with its guard, until the remains of the castle of the Duke of Guise formerly stronghold and prison, residence of the Knights Templar. The old village, to ensure his safety, was built at the foot of the Castle, surrounded by fortifications which part remains visible. Rue Jean Aubert along a second circle of walls erected in 1591, with the two doors sainte Anne and Durance. A monumental staircase shaped Horseshoe leads to the parish church of the assumption dating back to 1325. Access to the chapel Notre-Dame de Beauregard, built thanks to the stubbornness of the Bonnard Canon in 1878 on a shrine to origins celto-ligurians, by a path staked three Oratories, that of the Annunciation, to the glory of Jesus and Mary, as the massacre of the Innocents and the flight into Egypt. Atop the panoramic point of view, the village Museum and temporary exhibitions in the monastery of the 17th century still surprised admiring visitors.On the Hill of Mount Sauvy were erected in the 17th century the chapel Saint Roch and the Oratory of the Madeleine. Remains classified chapel Saint-Véran are discovered in the neighborhood of the Costes. Another feature, many cross dominate the landscape orgonnais and attest to the popular fervour in particular towards the Virgin Mary appearing on the arms of Orgon. The centre of the village: visitors today surf along the streets, alleys and passages, focus before some renaissance facades, beautiful Gates doors, ornate, stone siding balconies, sometimes dilapidated buildings but noble proportions that reflect the life and the work of our predecessors that cannot help but consider.

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