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Church St Julien

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Also previously called Saint Antoine
Era: Classical period
Type: Religious architecture
Originally built in the 12th century, during the mediaeval Renaissance, Saint Julien Church was rebuilt in the 17th century during another period of religious restructuring in the Church.
It is located on the boundary of the Cavalerie district, where a number of noblemen built their sumptuous residences during the same period, having made their fortune through trade.
Its architecture is a curious combination of late Gothic and Classical.
Stripped of most of its wonderful furniture during the Revolution, the building suffered again during the 1944 bombings, which left it in ruins.
Saint Julien was restored, but is no longer the parish church that it was for centuries. It can still be visited during the concerts held there on a regular basis.
Site plan of the church
The southern Gothic style of this church, which was rebuilt in the 17th century, can still be seen in its typical Arles religious architecture.
A beautiful Classical façade, with elements of Baroque décor (cherubs, niches, etc.), precedes the Gothic nave.
Most of the furniture, as well as the historiated stained glass windows by Guibert d’Anelle (19th century), disappeared in the bombings.
The only survivor from the 17th century is the beautiful gilded wood altarpiece, a gift from the Brotherhood of the Saint Sacrement. The central painting depicting Saint Julian the Hospitalier (1686) is by Louis Parrocel. On either side of this are The Last Supper and an Adoration of the Magi attributed to Gabriel d’Aix.
On either side of the chancel are statues of Saint Julian the Hospitalier and Saint Antoine, the Abbot. Finally, visitors can see a marble Virgin whose design is attributed to Revoil, a student of David, and a Way of the Cross painted in 1958 by Guy Renne.
The church's bell tower has two bells, one of which, from 1691, is one of the oldest in the town.

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