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Château d'Avignon

Road, D'Arles, Domaine du Château d'Avignon,
Les Saintes Maries de la Mer
04 13 31 94 54
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The Château, in the heart of Camargue, takes its name from one of the estate's owners: François Joseph d'Avignon d'Arlatan, who constructed the first building there in the 18th century. But its finest moment came at a time when the rich Marseille businessman Louis Noilly Prat bought it and turned it into a hunting lodge. However, the interest of this building lies mainly in the rather crazy dream that he achieved here. To make it more comfortable and provide the equipment needed for agricultural work, he installed everything the era had to offer in terms of up-to-date technology, including electric lighting, central heating, hot and cold running water and fully fitted bathrooms. It was the 1890s palace of modern conveniences.
You will be able to see all this when you reach the château, together with works of art including paintings, ceramics and embroideries; everything is still in its place, from the linen to the chamber pot, via pots and pans.
The château is closed on 1 May.

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