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Chapelle des Pénitents Blancs

Street, Louis Vouland,
Noves et son hameau Les Paluds
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Until the early 14th century, the synagogue of the local Jewish community stood on this site. Pope John XXII had the synagogue destroyed after driving out the Jewish community and in its place he had a chapel built and dedicated to Notre-Dame-d’Enville; this was distinct from Saint Bauldile Church, which was then 'extra muros'. It was inaugurated in 1320 and the marriage contract between Hugues de Sade and Laura de Noves was signed there on 16 January 1325.
It was badly damaged at the end of the 16th century and the residents, who were anxious to restore it, created a Brotherhood of White Penitents. (By order of 18 May 1581) It was deconsecrated in 1884; the municipality then sold it to a masonry business, which used it as a warehouse. The commune bought it back in 1950 and transformed it into public baths; it was not until 1995 that it finally became the Marc Mielly Library.
All that remain are the 14th century pentagonal apse and the wall paintings recently discovered under the 18th century whitewash: gothic portal facing the street.

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Noves et son hameau Les Paluds

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Noves et son hameau Les Paluds

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Noves et son hameau Les Paluds
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