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Saint-Martin de Crau will be your starting point for discovering La Crau, a little-known yet exceptional natural heritage, and its secular traditions.

... Saint-Martin-de-Crau, a town of character

Set in a multi-coloured palette of landscapes, St-Martin-de-Crau combines all the features of Provence. The town is a land of discovery and allows visitors to experience an original kind of green tourism with, among other things, 5 hiking routes and 12 tourist cycle routes for families and experienced visitors alike. The town has a rich and protected natural heritage, namely La Crau. This last steppe in Europe is home to animal and plant species which benefit from this environment.


This little known place will reveal all its secrets during a walk on the 'Coussouls of Crau Nature Discovery Trail'. In addition to these natural treasures, the town has three museums, the Eco-Museum of La Crau, the Hunting and Nature Museum and the Retro-Museum. These museums focus on pastoral activity and its environmental aspect. Travelling exhibitions, visits and nature expeditions are available throughout the year. In the church with the panoramic table, the clock tower gives visitors an unrestricted view of the Alpilles.

Saint-Martin-de-Crau is a town of traditions and has a wide variety of festivals, including the Pastrage in January, the Agricultural Fair of St Valentine in February, the 'Voice of Women' Festival in March, the La Crau Feria in April, the Spring Festival in May and many others. Shows, plays, exhibitions and concerts make this commune a dynamic cultural centre. Saint-Martin-de-Crau also has a vast choice of tourist accommodation and restaurants, allowing you to relax and enjoy the good life.

Don't miss the Coussouls de Crau nature reserve, the nature discovery trail, the Eco-Museum, the Hunting and Nature Museum and the Retro-Museum, the ancient sheepfolds, the Feria in April, the Pastrage in January and the Agricultural Fair in February.

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Journées romaines - Festival Arelate

Those Romans were mad!

- 36.75 km - 00h43m
This family-friendly tourist route will teach you the basics of gladiator combat in the Arles amphitheatre. The programme includes an introduction to the grandiose sites of Roman Gaul, a visit to the arenas, the Departmental Museum of Ancient Arles and the discovery of the bust of Caesar and an ancient barge. This ten-stage tourism route is designed to take two days.
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