La tour de Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône

La tour de Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône

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Port Saint Louis du Rhône, a maritime port known to ocean-going sailors, is located opposite the majestic mouth of the Rhône. The commune is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and by the third largest river in France. It is also one of the entrances to the Rhône Delta and the Regional Natural Park of Camargue.

This geographical setting, between the river and the sea, gives it an undeniable advantage over other coastal towns. Port Saint Louis du Rhône is the centre of maritime activities, traditions and products. Visitors from Provence Pays d'Arles can practise many different nautical sports and activities, visit one of the last French sardine farms, the Ferrigno company, discover mussels from Carteau Cove or swim at one of the town's three beaches, the most famous of which is Napoleon Beach with its 10 km of fine sand.

Port Saint Louis du Rhône is also one of the three towns of the Regional Natural Park of Camargue. It offers its visitors the varied landscapes and symbols of Camargue, such as pink flamingos, horses, salt marshes and beaches. Port Saint Louis du Rhône was founded at the start of the century around port activities and over the years has managed to adapt to economic realities and change its image. Saint Louis Tower, built in 1737 and listed as a Historic Monument in 1942, has been used as a guard tower, a residence and finally a public building housing offices and the largest ornithological collection in Camargue, with 168 naturalised birds, temporary exhibitions and a remarkable viewing point for admiring the exceptional panoramic view over Camargue and the Rhône Delta.

Don't miss Saint Louis Tower, the nautical centre for sailing and kite surfing, Napoleon Beach, the Bac de Barcarin, bike rides, mussels from Carteau Cove, the Regional Natural Park of Camargue and geocaching caches for (re)discovering the region.

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