Fête et feux de la Saint-Jean à Barbentane

Fête et feux de la Saint-Jean à Barbentane

Office de Tourisme de Barbentane

… Heritage & Tradition

The rich history of Barbentane has shaped the heritage of this village, which is firmly rooted in its traditions. This history contributes as much to its charm as its authenticity and the beauty of its natural heritage.

In Barbentane, the people are passionate about their traditions and share them in a festival atmosphere. The village has retained all its fervour and authenticity thanks to emotionally-charged events. Barbentane enthusiastically cultivates its sun-drenched art de vivre. Located at the confluent of the Rhône and the Durance, the Ligurian village of Bellinto moved from the plain and became Barbentane in order to withstand invasions by the Celts, Romans, Barbarians and Saracens.

Famous people such as Pope Urban V, Francis I, Richelieu and Louis XVI have stayed there over the centuries. The village still contains the wonderful traces of this prestigious past, such as the Anglica Tower and the Séquier Gate (14th), the church and its Romanesque porch, the Knights' House with its Renaissance loggia, the Calendale Gate and the Hôtel des Barons de Chabert, which is now the Town Hall. The Château des Marquis de Barbentane (17th) is a real jewel and was classified as a Historic Monument many years ago. It is known as the 'Little Trianon of the Sun' and 'the most Italian of the châteaux of Provence' and you can admire the sumptuous décor of its reception rooms, its rich period furniture, its Italian-style terraces and its park planted with three hundred-year old plane trees.

After visiting La Montagnette and enjoying the typically Mediterranean landscapes and aromas, you can stroll through the fertile plains of fruit fields, between 'roubines' and cypress bushes. A beautiful village, bountiful nature, lively traditions... the charms of Barbentane are many. They are those of Provence.

Events: various bull-related events and the courses camarguaises (March to end of August); the Festival of Saint-Joseph (March); Horse Festival (May); the Fire of Saint Jean and the Carreto Ramado (23-24 June); the local festival (last weekend in August); Saint-Luc (October); the Pastrage Ceremony (during Midnight Mass on 24 December) and the 'Pastorale' (26 December).

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