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Great chefs and beautiful restaurants

Provence Prestige - Lionel Roux - Canopée - Pays d'Arles
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With its great chefs, beautiful restaurants, bountiful soil and attentive producers, PROVENCE PAYS D’ARLES has been charming gastronomes and other gourmets for many years. The area is widely honoured and recognised by the great gastronomic guides, as it has been awarded a total of ten rosettes by the Michelin Guide and twenty-two 'toques' by the Gault and Millau Guide.

The innovative, creative chefs have an inexhaustible supply of exceptional flavours and produce to work with, including fruit, early fruit and vegetables, seafoods, olive oil, Camargue bull and Provençal lamb. Alongside the great restaurants, a multitude of talented restaurateurs continue the tradition of colourful, generous Provençal cuisine.

Great chefs and beautiful restaurants

Many chefs practise their art in PROVENCE PAYS D’ARLES, whether they come from here or elsewhere and whether they take their inspiration from Provençal cuisine or distance themselves from it. They all find the produce and inspiration they need for their daily recipes in this magnificent region. L’Atelier of Jean-Luc Rabanel (2 stars/5 toques - Arles), inventor and promoter of living cuisine, a creative and emotional cuisine, offers a truly gastronomic experience in which vegetables play a key role. He practises his art in several establishments in Arles. The Oustaù de Baumanière restaurant  (2 stars/4 toques - Les Baux de Provence), the oldest and most prestigious Provence establishment, is currently led by the chef Sylvestre Wahid, who has revitalised this venerable restaurant whilst maintaining its authenticity. Those who experienced the rich, creamy cuisine of Raymond Thuilier or the more subtle cuisine of Jean-André Charial are now being charmed by his creativity. There is also Le Cilantro (1 star - Arles) of Jérôme Laurent who, having worked on five continents and returned to his native city, offers a contemporary and inventive journey around the 'tastes of the world'. In the magnificent setting of La Chassagnette (1 star/3 toques - Arles), an isolated farmhouse in the heart of Camargue, Armand Arnal prepares pure, natural cuisine sourced, season after season, from his organic garden. In the elegant setting of the Valrugues Valley, Marc de Pasorio (1 star/3 rosettes - Saint-Rémy de Provence), creates an innovative and inventive gastronomic cuisine which highlights the land and the best regional produce. Still in Saint-Rémy de Provence, in his Maison Jaune (1 star/ 2 toques), a beautiful and distinguished 18th century building, François Perraud serves radiant Provençal cuisine which favours regional producers and breeders as well as fish from the Mediterranean. At La Cabro d'Or (1 star/2 toques - Baux de Provence), in the Val d’Enfer, Michel Hulin interprets and reinterprets the flavours of Provence and the Mediterranean based around olive oil from the Les Baux Valley. In Palud de Noves, in his Maison de Bournissac (1 star/3 toques) a large 14th Provençal farmhouse set between vines and olive groves, Christian Peyre offers colourful and delicious Provençal-Catalan-inspired cuisine. La Maison Bru (1 star/3 toques – Eygalières) is set amidst ancient olive groves, opposite the Alpilles, in a beautiful white stone Provençal farmhouse. In this charming setting, Wout Bru creates a personal menu full of Southern spirit and Japanese influences. Many of these chefs offer training courses and cookery lessons. After tasting their creations, you can learn by their side and discover their secrets.

You can also learn or improve your skills in Provençal cuisine thanks to the Conservatoire Grand Sud des Cuisines de Terroir (Southern Conservatory of Local Cuisine), the Conservatoire des Cuisines de Camargue (Conservatory of Camargue Cuisines), which organises a large number of courses for individuals and professionals, and the Conservatoire des Alpilles (Alpilles Conservatory), which organises gastronomic encounters based around local produce under the impetus of several restaurateurs and producers. This colourful and plentiful cuisine, which was codified in 1897 by Jean-Baptiste Reboul in his reference book 'La Cuisinière Provençale' (The Provençal Cook), is currently practised and defended by a very wide range of talented restaurateurs, particularly the Master Restaurateurs of PROVENCE PAYS D’ARLES. The creation of the title of 'Master-Restaurateur' recognises the excellence of the best professionals in traditional cuisine, by promoting their skills and their commitment to quality. It promotes establishments which produce 'authentic' cuisine, under the direct responsibility of the restaurateur or his head chef and without the use of pre-prepared or ready meals. You will have no trouble finding a wonderful, welcoming place to try a fantastic bouillabaisse, an unforgettable aïoli, a succulent gardiane de taureau (beef stew) or a delicious soupe au pistou (vegetable soup with basil and garlic).

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