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Paysage de Camargue l'hiver - Delta du Rhône

Paysage de Camargue l'hiver - Delta du Rhône

Lionel Roux - Canopée - Pays d'Arles
  • Distance Course : 0 km
  • Travel time : 00h00m
  • Displacement : Deux journées
  • Tour By car
  • This tour has 0 stage(s) over 0 km
This route will take you by car from one end of the delta to the other, through the Camargue countryside. It includes discoveries, observations and, for the more courageous, a horseback adventure!

Please be patient points of interest are about to be translated.

Day 1…the Grand Rhône side of Camargue

On leaving Arles, head towards Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône until you reach the village of Mas-Thibert. 

You will discover the site of the Marais du Vigueirat, a real sanctuary which focuses on eco-tourism and discovering the biodiversity of Camargue. The estate has 15 km of paths equipped with observatories, elevated paths and interactive terminals, which you can visit independently or with a guide, on foot or in a horse-drawn carriage. When you have had your fill of nature, you can take your car across the Grand Rhône on the Barcarin ferry. On the other bank, go through the village of Salin-de-Giraud towards the vast Piémanson beach. The road travels through an extraordinary landscape of lagoons and salt marshes before it reaches this 26 km-long beach. Here, you can picnic, swim, depending on the season, and admire the unspoiled landscape and the exploits of the kite surfers who frequent this popular site throughout the year. 

As you retrace your steps towards Arles, you can visit the Rice Museum a few kilometres before the village of Sambuc. Its curator, a former rice farmer, will take you on a cultural and taste discovery tour of Camargue rice. This visit will provide an excellent introduction to the products and tastes of Camargue in one of the charming restaurants along the roads of Camargue.

Day 2... the Petit Rhône side of Camargue

As you leave Arles, set off in the direction of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer and make your first stop at the Museum of Camargue. The museum is in a former sheepfold and traces the history of human activity in the Rhône Delta from the 19th century to the present day. When you leave the museum, near the village of Albaron, take the D67 which will lead you to the banks of Lake Vaccarès.  You can stop off at the Capelière estate, with its 1.5 km nature trail; you will be in the heart of symbolic Camargue landscapes (four observatories and two panoramic viewing platforms). This is an ideal stop-off point for discovering an extraordinary fauna and flora at any time of year. You can then visit the Domaine de Méjanes, an essentially agricultural and tourist property acquired in 1939 by Paul Ricard, where you can also discover the treasures of an exceptional natural environment and the traditions of Camargue. You could try horse riding, taking a path along the banks of the lake, a ride on the little train to see the herds of bulls, mountain biking, horse riding and discovering Camargue games and traditions in the Domaine's arenas.

Places to visit: Marais du Vigueirat/Barcarin Ferry/Piémenson Beach/Rice Museum/Museum of Camargue/Domaine Paul Ricard - Méjanes/Restaurants: La Chassagnette/L’Estrambord/La Telline/Chez Bob.

Musée du Riz

The rice Museum

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In the heart of Camargue, ideally placed in the middle of rice plantations, the Rice Museum is a place steeped in history.

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Petit Manusclat, Le Sambuc,
06 38 16 56 90


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Five-table restaurant, former Customs office with fireplace; simple cuisine.

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Road, De Gageron, Villeneuve,
04 90 97 01 75
Musée de la Camargue

Museum of the Camargue

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Museum of the Camargue, nature and Art Society of Camargue, between Rhone and Mediterranean island, has an exceptional environment, fruit of the encounter of freshwater with salt water and human activities that developed there.

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RD, 570, Mas du Pont de Rousty,
04 90 97 10 82

Capelière - National Nature Protection Society - Camargue national reserve

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An information centre and a nature observation site in Camargue: reception, library, Camargue natural environment exhibition, a trail of 1.5 km equipped with information boards, four observatories of the marshlands and two observation decks over the Vaccarès reedbed.

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La Capelière - C 134 de Fiélouse,
04 90 97 00 97

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